Przeszukiwanie logów stacji - Searching the logs

SP5QF/MM 4 QSO's on the way to Antarctica through the Baltic Sea, closed
KG2QF/MM 127 QSO's on the way to Antarctica through the Atlantic Ocean, closed

only QSO's for 2004 - operator Wojtek (Voytek), SP5QF (368 QSO's dated 03 - 04 April 2004 and 3 QSO's other dates), closed.

HF0QF 11 041 QSO's - log dated 20 of November 2004 - closed.

  An information from my QSL manager, SP7IWA:

All QSLs will be answered, either direct or via bureau.  Please enclose sufficient return postage
(in US$ or  "new" IRC's) and a self-addressed envelope if you QSL direct. 

Be aware that your $ bill have to be useful, too dirty and destroyed bills can not be use in Poland.

QSLs received direct but whithout sufficient return postage or unuseful bills
will be answered via the bureau.

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